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Tina Inserra - Authorised teacher - KPJAYI Level 2 Full Intermediate. (member of Yoga Australia).


Tina is a yoga practitioner and qualified Ashtanga yoga teacher, authorised by in  Mysore, India. She has be practicing ashtanga yoga for more than 14 years and teaching since 2007. 

In 2004 while balancing a few different careers to maintain her visual arts practice, she began exploring yoga to help create some equanimity in her busy lifestyle. Through practicing yoga she discovered that she could ‘be busy without being stressed’, one of many valuable insights learned by practicing yoga.  

After many years of being a dedicated student, developing a disciplined and daily practice, Tina began assisting Karyn Grenfell (founder of Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne, and a KPJAYI, Certified teacher) in a mentorship program.    

Becoming a teacher evolved through following the path of parampara, where the traditional teachings of yoga are passed down through a lineage of masters from India, tracing back to the original source in ancient times.  This has included making regular pilgrimages to KPJAYI, the home of Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India to study with Guru Sharath Jois. While she was there in December 2016, she received the authorisation to teach from Paramaguru Sharath Jois.

Teaching Schedule



Tina is highly experienced in teaching students of all levels, in Mysore style programs and led classes.

Private yoga sessions for individuals or small groups are available at your chosen location.

She also teaches health and wellbeing programs, including yoga and mindfulness training. This is available  to individuals and groups in schools and other workplaces. For bookings or enquiries please email or call on 0419573485

Retreats and Workshops


Tina  holds regular retreats throughout the year, in beautiful locations around Australia and overseas.  All are welcome, including students who are new to yoga. 

Coming up.....

February  15, 16 + 17  2019

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend in Darwin, NT, Australia.

This three day workshop is suitable for complete beginners and also for more 

experienced yoga students. Students can learn and experience the Ashtanga yoga method taught in the traditional Mysore-style. 

Beginners will be introduced to the ‘free-breathing’ technique specific to 

the Ashtanga yoga method and also learn to memorise a sequence of postures from the yoga chikitsa (Primary) series, to establish a daily self-practice. 

Students who already have an established Mysore-style practice will be able to practice at their own level, under the guidance of a highly experienced teacher (authorised by Paramaguru Sharath Jois at KPJAYI, Mysuru, India).

Also, there will be a Q + A session for all students on Sunday morning after class.

Cost $80 or please contact me for drop-in price for individual sessions.

Keep scrolling for workshop itinerary below.



Ashtanga Yoga Weekend in February 15, 16 + 17 at Alawa Hall, Alawa

Join me for a weekend of yoga and relaxation in tropical Darwin.


Weekend Itinerary:


Evening class 6-7pm 

Welcome gathering: introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. I will give a brief talk about the origins and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. I will introduce the 'free-breathing' technique, we will do a short meditation and learn how to chant the opening prayer.  We will  also do some yoga asanas however this class will be very basic, more like a refresher and including those who are new to the practice.  


Morning yoga class 7-9am

Mysore-style yoga class. 

*This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Morning yoga class 7-9am

Mysore-style yoga class. 

*This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners.

After class we will have breakfast at a local cafe (Hopefully, the Lucky Bat) and we will have an informal Q + A during breakfast. 

*Breakfast is not included in the cost of the workshop fee.


There is a great range of accommodation in and around Darwin Check out or I highly recommend booking as early as possible as places tend to get booked out. 

Bookings for the retreat

Full cost of workshop is $80 for the 3 days.

Please contact me for more information or to make a booking. 

Hope to see you there,



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Please ask me about pricing, appointments, more information, anything!


Teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne. 1/167 Flinders Lane

on  Wednesday - 5.45pm-7pm (Half led primary) and 

Sunday - 8am-10am (Mysore Style)

Monday - Saturday: by appointment